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Name: Alex Newsome
Age: 16
Birthday: 7th August 1991
Email & MSN:
-email me if theres anything you need.

Drawing since: 12 years old
Likes: Comics, anything but marvel. i appreciate the style,
i mean i love some of the art, but i just dislike the story and stuff...
Japanese culture, yes i know thats horribly cliche but i do, i really hope that one day i can live there.
Manga, another rather obvious cliche.
Dislikes: Snobby people!, natto, uh bad comics?
oh and i hate people who steal other peoples work.
and i dont really like sprite comics unless each sprite is
made by the person, not just recoloured or
something. unless (of course) the comic itself is really, really good.

Location: Australia.


Basic process

I use just plain fine-liners to ink each of my pages,
photoshop to colour if needed and a 4H pencil to draft.


Name: Will S. (you shall never know my last name, ha ha identity theives!)
Quest: To seek the Holy Gra -- oh wait, never mind.
Date Of Birth: Sometime in the very early spring of 1991, a great year for wines.
Date Of Death:

Where do you get your ideas?
I get them from my own personal escapades, or anything that might pop
into my head when I am hopped up on spicy snacks. They're delicious.

What are your weapons of choice?
Where there's a computer, I jump on and type up a script or two, but if I'm in an Amish land
or something I'll grab a #2 pencil and scratch out a few ideas.
If I'm stranded on an island, I'll write with the coconut milk. I try to be handy. MORE SOON...